Tweet With Images

Twitter allows you to attach up to 4 images in a tweet. Rewst makes it easy to add images to your scheduled tweets.

Searching For Tweets

A great way to find new content for your audience is to search other Twitter user’s tweets. You can import the results of your search and quickly tweet the same content. If they have media associated with the tweet you are┬ánot stealing their content. The original poster gets credit via a small link to their … Continue reading Searching For Tweets

Setting Your Schedule

An important part of building engagement with your audience is knowing when they’re online and willing to engage. Then you have to make sure to deliver them content at that time. On Rewst, you can set times for each day of the week to post the content that you schedule. We also keep track of … Continue reading Setting Your Schedule

Scheduled Tweets

There are three tabs on the Scheduled Tweets page. They are “Scheduled”, “Posted”, and “Top Tweets”. Scheduled The scheduled tab displays the tweets that are next in line to be posted accordingly to the schedule you set. These are the tweets that you set up by either uploading images, importing tweets from the rss import … Continue reading Scheduled Tweets