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Competitors are just accounts that are similar to yours. We use these to target the follows you want to gain. The concept is that if a person is following or retweeting an account that shares similar content to yours, they are likely to be interested in your content as well.

When we follow your competitors’ followers and retweeters, we automatically remove the accounts we feel are more likely to be bots by ignoring the people with 0 followers, 0 tweets, a default avatar, or no bio.

The more competitors you can list, the better our team will execute. Our team monitors the follow back analytics that Rewst provides in order to prioritize the tools working best for you. For example, if you add Competitor1 and Competitor2 we will have 4 tools to use (Copy Followers: Competitor1, Follow Retweeters: Competitor1, Copy Followers: Competitor2, Follow Retweeters: Competitor2). We’ll use each tool at first to get some data and then we’ll start targeting the tool with the highest follow back percentage, then the one with the second highest, and so on.

You can remove competitors at any time and add new ones. If you add a new one, we will give them the highest priority at first until we know where their results rank.

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Published: April 30, 2017 Updated: April 30, 2017