Guided Tour

When you login to Rewst and select a Twitter account, your dashboard is our guided tour. The guided tour is a step by step guide to the actions you should be taking every day.

We always start by showing your growth over the past few days. The next step is your mentions, these are tweets that you are mentioned in and which you can reply, like, retweet, and/or follow the user. Then we’ll show you what content is scheduled for the day. The next step is to move onto the unfollow steps which are where you can unfollow your unfollowers and non-followers.

Afterwards we move onto the follow tools. We base the steps off your Follow Back Analytics. We order the steps based on the best results. If we don’t have any analytics for you yet, we prompt you to choose between copying followers and following retweets to get you started.

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Published: February 23, 2017 Updated: February 23, 2017