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A great way to find new content for your audience is to search other Twitter user’s tweets. You can import the results of your search and quickly tweet the same content.

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If they have media associated with the tweet you are not stealing their content. The original poster gets credit via a small link to their profile next to the media. Here is an example of an imported tweet from the official Suits page.


When searching for tweets we allow you to enter a “from” field where you can optionally search tweets from a specific Twitter account and a “keywords” field where you can enter your actual query. The keywords field has a lot of extra options. You can search for hashtags in the keywords. By default, any multi-word keyword search will match all the words of your search in any order. There are some modifiers you can use though to get better results.

The search is provided by Twitter. Only recent (within the past 7 days) tweets are searchable. 

Keyword Modifiers

Wrapping quotes around a set of the words will require the words to be in that exact order. For example searching happy hour will match any tweet containing “happy” and “hour” in it. Searching “happy hour” though will require the phrase “happy hour” to be in the tweet.

Putting OR in between words will make it so either word has to match. For example searching happy OR hour will find tweets containing either word.

Prefixing a word with a dash will remove all tweets containing that word. For example searching happy -hour will find tweets containing the word “happy” but not containing the word “hour”.

Adding a to the end of the keywords will return tweets that are asking a question.

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Published: August 12, 2016 Updated: August 12, 2016